L*W*H: 2050mm*500mm*580mm-930mm
Head section 250*500mm;Back section 465*500mm
Waist section / Kidney Bridge 75*500mm
Seat Section 550*500mm;Leg Section 240*600mm
Reversed Trendelenburg ≥20°Trendelenburg ≥15° Lateral Tilt ≥15°
Head Section Raised from the Horizontal ≥45°
Head Section lowered from the Horizontal ≥90°
Back Section Raised From the Horizontal ≥75°
Back Section Lowered From the Horizontal ≥30°
Leg section Lowered from the Horizontal ≥90°
Leg section Opened ≥90°
Kidney Bridge Elevated (optional) ≥80mm
Backward and forward movement ≥250mm
Horizontal ratation of tabletop 0-180°
Horizontal ratation of tabletop 0-180° Level reset zero (When optional) ±2°
Level reset zero (When optional) ±2°
Supply AC 220V±10%,50HZ

Anaesthesia screen frame 1 set
Body strap 1 pc
Lateral support 1 pair
Should holder 1 pair
Leg holder 1 pair
Clamp 1 set
Arm rest 1 pair
Hand control 1 pc