Dimension: L2020xW900xH500-750mm
bed base is made of cold-rolled steel plate and coated by electrostatic spary Alumininum alloy guard rails, retractable, easy operation
Bult-in cranks control back rest & leg rest upward and height adjustable function with special bed base structure
When it is in lowest position, 4 steel tube of bed legs grounded to floor, preventing bed moving; when it is in high position, 4pcs 125mm diameter castors let bed move easily
There are anti-bump cushion device on the bed corners for protaction against to wall or ect With multi-function orthopedic traction frame, ensure traction treatment oddment shelf under the bed and protection rubber at the leg end

back rest section upward: 0 °-75 °(±5 °)
leg rest section upward: 0 °-45°(±5 °)
Height adjustable: 500mm-750mm