Code No. Cartridge Model Suturing Thickness (mm) Cartridge Color Staple Height (mm)
FHY-30-3.8 CLB30 1.5 Blue 3.8
FHY-30-4.5 CLG30 2.2 Green 4.5
FHY-45-3.8 CLB45 1.5 Blue 3.8
FHY-45-4.5 CLG45 2.0 Green 4.5
FHY-60-3.8 CLB60 1.5 Blue 3.8
FHY-60-4.5 CLG60 2.0 Green 4.5
FHY-60-4.5 CH903 1.5 Blue 3.8
FHY-90-3.8 CLB90 1.5 Blue 3.8
FHY-90-4.5 CLG90 2.0 Green 4.5

Disposable auto linear staple fits the surgery anastomosis of esophagus, stomach, intestine etc. It will convenient for surgery, shorten the operation time, reduce the patients bleeding, relieve the doctor fatigue. If a surgical procedure requires suturing several times, the cartridge could be exchanged. Different staple height fit for different tissue thickness.