Code No. Cartridge Model Suturing Thickness (mm) Cartridge Color Staple Height (mm)
SZH-30-2 SCW-30-2.5 1.0 White 2.5
SZH-30-3 SCB-30-3.8 1.5 Blue 3.8
SZH-30-4 SZH-30-4.5 2.0 Green 4.5
SZH-60-3 SCB-60-3.8 1.5 Blue 3.8
SZH-60-4 SCH-60-4.5 2.0 Green 4.5
SZH-90-3 SCB-90-3.8 1.5 Blue 3.8
CKH903 CH903 1.5 Blue 3.8
SZH-90-4 SCH-90-4.5 2.0 Green 4.5

It automatically clip anastomosis tissues, make tissue anastomosis. It will convenient for surgery, shorten the operation time, reduce the patients bleeding, relieve the doctor fatigue. If a surgical procedure requires suturing several times, the cartridge could be exchanged. Different staple height fit for different tissue thickness.