Code of Endocutter Stapler
Endocutter Stapler Standard Model ZNQ-A
Endocutter Stapler XL Model ZNQ-C
Code of Reloads
Reload article No. Color Of Reload Staple Height (mm) Cutting Lenghth
ZN-Z-30-2.0 Grey 2.0 30mm
ZN-Z-30-2.5 White 2.5 30mm
ZN-Z-45-2.0 Grey 2.0 45mm
ZN-Z-45-2.5 White 2.5 45mm
ZN-Z-45-3.5 Blue 3.5 45mm
ZN-Z-45-4.0 Gold 4.0 45mm
ZN-Z-45-4.8 Green 4.8 45mm
ZN-Z-60-2.5 White 2.5 60mm
ZN-Z-60-3.5 Blue 3.5 60mm
ZN-Z-60-4.0 Gold 4.0 60mm
ZN-Z-60-4.8 Green 4.8 60mm
ZN-30-2.0 Grey 2.0 30mm
ZN-30-2.5 White 2.5 30mm
ZN-45-2.5 Grey 2.0 45mm
ZN-45-2.5 White 2.5 45mm
ZN-45-3.5 Blue 3.5 45mm
ZN-45-4.0 Gold 4.0 45mm
ZN-45-4.8 Green 4.8 45mm
ZN-60-2.5 White 2.5 60mm
ZN-60-3.5 Blue 3.5 60mm
ZN-60-4.0 Gold 4.0 60mm
ZN-60-4.5 Blue 4.5 60mm
ZN-60-4.8 Green 4.8 60mm
Features of Endocutter Stapler and Reloads
Brand new knife blade for each firing

Providing sharp and smooth cutting, lowering the risk of spread of tumor cells

Reinforced and fixed anvil

Improve the clamping force to ensure the consistent staple formation and effective staple length passing easily through gaps with the thin anvil to reduce the tissue damage when separation, easy to use.

Reinforced and integrated I-beam design

Enhance the parallel closing force, ensure the B-shape staple formation at the distal end of staple lines.

Real one-handed operation

Providing the control of jaws’ open and close in operation by one hand.

Rotational Reloads

Easy to use the articulating lever for manipulating the reload angle of 30 degree and 45 degree to left and right respectively.

Rotation Knob

With the rotation knob, the reload can rotate 360°.

High cost-effective

One stapler can be used with all kinds of reloads, which saves the cost a lot and reduces the complicated operation steps. One stapler can be reloaded for 25 times on one single patient.