Knock-down structure Extruded by great tonnage hydraulic equipment;The thickness of the surface panel is 2mm.Designed in accordance with HTM2022 standard Each bed head unit has four cavities for different pipelines.The surface of the bed head unit can be painted into different colors according to your request, using static-electricity-painting technology. Different parts can be painted into different colors.The bed head unit has enough inner space to install medical gas outlets, lamps, electrical switches and other equipment.The lamp cover for the light cavity is made of special transparent plastic for medical use and customers can choose the length of it.Gas outlets of different standards are available. We can also provide electrical switches and electrical sockets of British standard, American standard etc..Electric equipment can be installed on the surface of bed head unit or hidden under the surface of it.The surface board can be pressed and clasped with the unit so that it can be easily disassembled when needed.The bed head unit can either be fixed to the wall through screws or be hung on the wall.Practical internal design and elegant in appearance.The length can be customerized