1. Two-way calling, call Duplex: ext (nurse call button)may call the host machine, the host machine also can call to assemble (extensions) , sent to the recipient without conversion
2. Hostmachinemultifunctional display: show nursing class, time,call beds or serial numbers
3. 2 classes nursing care settings: according to the sick conditions to set high, and low-level care beds arbitrarily, and the host of a different color light show: red light means High
4. the High priority: high sick calling can interrupt low sick calling
5. ringing volume adjustment
6. the calling system have many different chord music: different extension phone can set different music
7. Without interruption Call
8. host machine Hand-free: host can speak with ext by hand-free when ext call host
9. Call Storage
10.Patient Extension online coding
11. extention user machine set broadcast freely
12. when the host machine make microphone broadcast and education broadcast, ext can choose to listen to or not
13. host and extension reset and clear freely
14. System self-test the bus electric current,voltage and digital display show the result, easy to trouble shoot; the host machine can detect the extension machine's error automaticly
15. error self-test alarm