1.Medical supplies:operational instruments,injectors,transfusion systems,different kinds of tubes,contraceptive equipment,etc
2.Medical appliances:endoscope,heart pacemaker,artificical heart,medical telephone,dialyzer,suction apparatus.etc
3.Sanitation Articles:Feminine sanitary napkin,disposable dishwares,etc
4.Medicine:some Chinese traditional medicines,western medicines,cosmetics
5.Textile and Bioliogical products:cotton,woolen and chemical fiber garment,leather,blanket,brush,etc
6.Instruments and Meters:electronic instruments,optical instruments,telephone sets,etc
7.Miscellaneous:Bills,case history ,record,letters,valuable historic relics,thin silk and satin products animal specimen,etc


1.This product adopts mixed Ethylen Oxide gas,protecting from ignition and exposure,safe and dependable,non corrosice to the sterilizing load,no pollution to enviroment
2.This product adopts new technology and features good energy saving and short heating time
3.Effective sterilization,easy operation
4.According to the various requirements on sterilization,you can combine the following factors freely:temperature,pressur e,sterilization time,residual gas drain times
5.It can be directly applied in clinical operation after six hours residual gas treatment after sterilization,which has shortened the drain time of residual gas


1.Sterilization chamber capacity:30L,60L,150L,200L,300L,350L,500L,600L,800L,1000L
2.Sterilization temperature :25℃-65℃
3.Temperature control precision:±2℃
4.Vacuum pressure:0-70KPa
5.Sterilization hour:3h
6.time control scope:0-2h
7.Supply voltage:220v±10% 50Hz