Breathing Mode: IPPV,A/C Ventilation, Manual Ventilation, PEEP
Ventilation volume: 2-24L/min
Ventilation frequency: 10-60bpm(adjustable in succession)
I/E Ratio: 1:2
Oxygen Concentration: ≤60%
Reverse Flow Pressure of Airway: ≤6KPa
Demand Breathing Trigger: ≤-1Kpa
Low Pressure Alarm: ≤0.25Mpa
Oxygen Cylinder Volume: 2.8L
Oxygen Cylinder Storage Pressure: 20Mpa
Continuous Working time: About 90 minutes
All specifications are subject to a toler


It is lightweight , durable and simple to use
Ventilation volume and ventilation frequency can be adjusted in succession and separately
Manual trigger button used during CPR
Airway pressure can be shown directly by the airway manometer
Automatic pressure relief valve will work when airway pressure reaches 6Kpa
Unique air-oxygen mixer prolongs the operating time during long-time transportation
Audible low input pressure alarm and over input pressure protection
Assistant breathing ventilation(It will work when the patient has spontaneous breath)