COMPATIBLE SYRINGES 10ml、20ml(30ml)50m(60ml )of any standard
ACCURACY ±2% with correct calibration
DELIVERY RATE RANGE 50ml(60ml): 0.1ml/h~1800.0ml/h ( 0.1ml/h step) 10ml: 0.1ml/h~400.0ml/h ( 0.1ml/h step) 0.1ml/h~800.0ml/h ( 0.1ml/h step)
TIME MODE SOL.VOL.: 0.1~999.9ml (0.1ml step)
RUNNING TIME: 1~1999min (1min step)
DRUG MASS: 0.1~999.9mg (0.1mg step)
DOSE: 0.01~99.99ug/kg/min (0.01ug/kg/min step)
WEIGHT: 0.1~300kg (0.1kg the least step)
VOLUME LIMIT RANGE 0.1~1999.9ml(0.1ml step)
TOTAL VOLUME RANGE 0.1~1999.9ml(0.1ml step)
PERGE RATE 50ml(60ml): 1800.0ml/h 20ml(30ml): 800.0ml/h 10ml: 400.0ml/h
KVO RATE 1ml/h
ALARMS Near empty, Syringe empty, Volume complete( when limit volume has been set ) Occlusion, Syringe loose, Operation errors, Low battery and device failures
BOLUS RATE 10ml : 10~300ml/hr,20ml(30ml):10~600ml/hr,50ml(60ml):10~1200ml/hr
BOLUS VOLUME Maximum of 25ml
POWER SOURCE AC power supply: AC 100 to 240V±10%,50/60Hz
Internal Li Battery: 11.1V, 2000mAh. Approximately 6 hours of continuous operation on a new and fully charged Battery with syringe running at 5ml/h. Power consumption ≤25VA
DIMENSION 280*160*130mm (THR-SP180); 300*240*250mm (THR-SP180D)
NET WEIGHT 2.5kg (THR-SP180); 3.8kg (THR-SP180D)

Compatible with syringe sets of any standard
Three work modes: Rate mode, Time mode and Weight mode
Pressure detection each time and graphical display
Three levels of alarm volume
Three levels of occlusion pressure
Ip×4 design to prevent splash
Histories can be recorded