DETECTOR Outside caliper rotary detector. (Patent technology )
Controls Drop counting and adjusting the delivery rate automatically
Pump Type Peristaltic finger
Accuracy ≤25drop/min:±2%, >25drop/min:±3% (With the drop counting control mode) ±5% (With the rate control mode after the correct calibration)
Delivery Rate Range 1~400drop/min(1drop/min step)1.0ml/h~1200ml/h (1.0ml/h~99.9ml/h, 0.1ml/h step; >99.9ml/h, 1ml/h step)
Delivery Time Range 1min~1999min (1 min step)
DELIVERY 1.0ml/h~1200ml/h)(1.0ml/h~99.9ml/h, 0.1ml/h step;<99.9ml/h, 1ml/h step)
RATE RANGE 1~400drop/min(1drop/min step)
Volume Limit Range 0~9999ml (1 ml step)
RATE RANGE 1~400drop/min(1drop/min step)
Total Volume Range 1~9999ml (1 ml step)
KVO Rate When the delivery rate≤10ml/h, KVO is 1 ml/h. Otherwise KVO is 3ml/h
Alarms Air-in-line, Infusion complete when limited volume has been set, Empty container, Occlusion, Door is open, waitting time Over, No drop been detected, Operational errors, Low battery, other device failures
BOLUS Bolus rate: 10~1200ml/hr Bolus volume:Maximum of 100ml
Power Supply AC power supply: AC 100 to 240V±10%,50/60Hz Internal LI Battery: 11.1V, 2000mAh. 8 Hours of continous operation on a new fully charged battery with the rate of 20 drops/min
DIMENSION & WEIGHT 130mm×200mm×230mm,2.0kg

Compatible with IV sets of any Brand with high accuracy Automatical calibration for IV sets of any Brand
Three working modes: Drop counting control,Rate control and time control mode
8 Hours internal battery life in high capacity
Has a unique color LCD and an internal battery with a high capability Swith between ml/h and drops/min freely
Three levels of alarm volume: high, medium and low
Three levels of Occlusion pressure: high, medium and low
KVO function: When finish the total volume of an infusion, the pump will alarm and enter KVO state