Main unit
one 3.5MHz digital convex probe
17inch flat Color monitor
10 inch VGA monitor
Advanced computer configuration
Cine loop system
Pseudo Color image output
Ultrasonic medical imaging workstation Color Inkjet printer connector


6.5 MHz Multi-frequency Trans-vaginal probe
7.5 MHz Multi-frequency Linear probe


Display Modes 4B, B , B+B , B+M , M
Convex Probe frequency 2.5MHz~5.0MHz
Gray scale 256 level
Depth scope 205mm(245)
Focusing adjustment
Luminous keyboards
Print system:can be connected with the thermal paper printer or laser printer
Novel shape and comfortable operation platform
Advanced PIP technologies:
Wide frequency band, 4 variable frequencies
Near & far field digital adjustment
DBF Digital Beam-forming
DFS Numerical control dynamic frequency scanning
DRF Dynamic receiving focusing
RDA (Real-time dynamic aperture)
8 TGC segment adjustment
Monitor VGA Monitor, Color Monitor, dual display
Image Processing: Freeze, Magnification, up-down rotation, left-right rotation, B&W rotation, Edge strengthen, Depth improvement, Gamma adjustment, Frame correlations Abundant Measurement Software:Distance, Circuit, OB/GY software measures: BPD, FL, HC, AC,GS, CRL. Heart rate measure in M mode, etc
Color image workstation:Color stomach intestine ultrasound diagnosis system