Safety load 230kg
Overall Length 2300mm
Overall Length with extended pallet 2500mm
Overall Width 1080mm
Bed board 2100mm×840mm
Mattress Size 2100mm×840mm×80mm
Height Adjustment 490mm-890mm
Angle of back rest segment inclination 0° - 75°
Angle of leg rest segment inclination 0° - 45°
Angle of lateral tilt 30°
Trendelenburg/Anti-trendelenburg ±17°
Weight system precision 50g
Backrest x-ray cassette holder 420mm*650mm
Slip x-ray cassette holder 470mm*470mm
Double-faced Caster Size 150mm

The bed can change the height of the pallet, the inclination angle of backrest segment and legrest segment, and the angle of both longitudinal and lateral tilt. THR-IC-15 also has short cut keys for CPR position, Cardiac-chair, Fowler position, examination position, Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelengurg position. It meets all the requirements from caregivers and patients.


THR-IC-15 has three controllers: touch screen (6inches), side rail controller and foot controller. The main controller, touch screen can show the absolute weight, differential weight and medical record (should be connected with CCM system). Side rail controllers can be easily reached by patients in any positions and can be locked to prevent false operation. Foot controllers provide caregivers with simple operation to the bed while hands are not free.